Saturday, March 26, 2011

Buckhead Bottle Bar

Terrible. This may be a fun place to grab a drink if its your crowd, but don't come here to eat. The food is bad, the service is mediocre, and the atmosphere is not conducive to dining.

I ordered a salad and a charcuterie plate. The charcuterie plate did not deserve to even be labeled as such. The plate mostly consisted of cold cut meats. I'm talking sliced ham. The best thing it had going for it was some salami and serrano. Basically, they take the meats that they use in sandwiches and such, slap them on a plate, and call it charcuterie. I guess that's fine if that's what your customers want. But I was more than a little perturbed when I was duped into ordering it. Let your customers know what they are ordering. Don't serve frozen french fries and call them pomme frites. Don't serve deli meat and call it a charcuterie plate. I mean one of the "cheeses" on the plate was Swiss cheese. Was this a joke?

I also ordered a salad. A basic frisee, apples, blue cheese, and walnuts salad. It was ok, but nothing more.

My wife ordered a salmon pasta dish. The salmon was cooked well. But other than that it was pretty bland and boring. Likely pre-made alfredo sauce, penne noodles, and a block of salmon. Snooze . . .

Not only was the food boring to deceptive and terrible, the space was horrible. While I delighted in my ham and Swiss cheese plate, I was surrounded by bar patrons standing around. The space was tight with our table essentially in the middle of the room and surrounded by people drinking and talking. Always nice to nibble at your salad with butts in your face and people knocking your chair.

If you want to go eat bland, boring food while surrounded by cougars on the prowl and the trendy crowd, then have at it. Otherwise, I recommend you stay away.

Buckhead Bottle Bar
268 East Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30305

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